Terms and Conditions

Service Description & Use

The DisplayRide Repossession Monitoring Platform (Repo-SafetyCam) is included as part of the subscription service. The Repossession Monitoring Platform (hardware and software, including the Cameras, Storage Disk Card, and Wireless SIM Card) is the property of DisplayRide Inc. and will be returned to DisplayRide when the subscription term ends (unless it is extended) or if the service is discontinued or if the service is canceled.

The DisplayRide Repossession Monitoring Platform (Repo-SafetyCam) will be used for legitimate purposes only, as dictated by law. DisplayRide will not be responsible for any misuse of the platform. By purchasing the service platform, you agree that you will not employ the service or platform for any use that is considered illegal or unethical.

DisplayRide, in its effort to continuously improve, adds new features or modify/refine existing ones. DisplayRide will make every reasonable attempt to notify users of these updates.

By use of the Repo-SafetyCam service you agree that you will abide by local regulations when using this service/product.

You agree that this platform is used for personal use only, and may be used with rideshare or similar commercial purposes.

Service Duration & Charges

You agree to keep the service/product for at least 24 months from time of delivery. Subsequently, you may choose to continue the service based on the terms & conditions at the time of renewal.

You agree that your credit card on file will be charged the noted monthly recurring charge unless canceled. The charges will typically be made on the renewal date for the upcoming month. It is your responsibility to notify DisplayRide promptly of any changes to your Credit Card on file.

Service Cancellation/Termination

All changes or cancellation will have to be made by contacting DisplayRide via email: info@displayride.com

Cancellation for non-performance of the service/product as described can be made only by writing to info@displayride.com And the Repo-SafetyCam should be promptly returned within 7 days of cancellation to DisplayRide on the purchaser’s cost. On receipt, DisplayRide will release any security deposit. Prior service-related payments are non-refundable. If the Repo-SafetyCam is not received within 14 days after cancellation, DisplayRide will not refund any security deposit.

Early termination of service (i.e. prior to the 24 month period) can be made by contacting DisplayRide via email: info@displayride.com Termination will entail a Penalty for early termination of the contract and DisplayRide will promptly charge the early penalty fees to the Credit Card on file. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the subscriber to return the Repo-SafetyCam to DisplayRide within 7 days of cancellation. If the Repo-SafetyCam is not received by DisplayRide then DisplayRide does not release any security deposit.

Use & availability of data (Video/Audio/Telematics)

DisplayRide may access & use audio and video data as well as telematics data derived from the Repo-SafetyCam for performance and testing purposes and as dictated by law. Further, public road-facing video and location data may be used by DisplayRide for other purposes including commercial use. This data does NOT include any user/driver specific information and is collected anonymously. No driver/user specific information will be used for any commercial purpose. Video/Audio data from the Cabin of the vehicle is NOT shared with anyone without the permission of the data owner. Typically, the owner of the data is the owner of the vehicle where the Repo-SafetyCam based service is deployed. An exception to this is when DisplayRide is legally obligated to share the data (for e.g. ordered by a court of law or relevant authorities).

DisplayRide makes every reasonable attempt to ensure that critical audio and video data, as well as other features are readily and continuously available; however, it is entirely possible that despite its best efforts, these may be subject to performance issues or issues outside its control (example, wireless service) and not always available. By use of this platform, you agree to not hold DisplayRide liable for any consequences resulting due to such issues.

You agree to not resell or use the Repo-SafetyCam service/product, including all data, for competitive intelligence; this is solely for your personal use and any misuse may result in deactivation of the Repo-SafetyCam service, and/or appropriate legal action by DisplayRide.

DisplayRide has the right to modify the terms and conditions as it sees fit. It will strive to inform all stakeholders prior to making such changes but makes no guarantees.


Valid only with legitimate subscription of DisplayRide Repo-SafetyCam Service.

Any monetary benefit will be payable via an e-gift card mailed to the email registered with the order, after 30 days.

DisplayRide reserves the right to modify this referral program.
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